Aptero : Facebook Developer Circles Regional Winner 2019 — Community Challenge — VR Meeting Solution

Jan 18 · 2 min read

Aptero provides Virtual Reality Meeting Rooms. It’s a WebVR application available on any VR Device/platform (phone/tablet or computer). (https://www.aptero.co)

With more than $1,33 tn per year spent on global business travel in 2017, the environmental impact and waste of resources is huge (time and money). We needed to change this.

In our previous workplaces, we were wasting everyday incredible amount of time to setup meetings and making sure everyone could join. We had remote colleagues dropping off, and often everyone was multitasking during meetings. VR can bring endless possibilities in the business world.

That’s why by combining the convenience of online meetings with the interactivity of face-to-face meetings, we can create virtual workspaces where you can collaborate, create and feel truly together with colleagues.

With more than 12000 participants, Aptero has been chosen as the regional winner and Best in Productivity and Utility! (https://developercircles2019.devpost.com/)

Don’t hesitate to request a demo or try it out just for fun, we would be glad show it!

Our VR meeting room support remote meetings, direct training with suppliers on production lines with 360 videos and much more.

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Aptero allows Enterprise Collaboration and Call in Virtual Reality. With interactive VR spaces, we increase productivity in meetings with powerful interactive features (brainstorm, sketch, mind-maps, etc..)


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Virtual reality Meeting Rooms https://aptero.co

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