Cooler Master Quickfire Pro


Our personal keyboard series is coming to a close. Today, Miguel is going to talk about his Quickfire Pro mechanical keyboard.

Unfortunately, my keyboard is not available anymore, at least the model I have. I bought my keyboard in 2013 and has since gone through some revisions. The most notable being that it is now backlit. Unlike most gaming peripherals, the Quickfire Pro only has red LED lighting. It also features media keys to control your music and volume. Another great feature that I use a lot is what Cooler Master calls “Gaming Mode.” Gaming Mode disables the Windows Key. This feature prevents the user from accidentally closing a fullscreen application by opening the start menu.

Finding the right keyboard is an essential process. There’s no use in having a top of the line PC, but using a generic keyboard. Your keyboard is your method of communication with your computer. The keyboard you chose can be an intensely personal affair. When I bought my keyboard, I had two things in mind, gaming and space. This keyboard was perfect in both aspects. By removing the number pad, the keyboard is only 14 inches wide, perfect for my minimalistic taste. It also features a clever way to hide its braided cable. On the underside, it has a T-shaped groove that can be used to point the cable either left, right or down. The groove limits the amount of cable that the user sees.

I’ve owned this keyboard for four years now, and it still holding its own. I use it pretty much daily. The Quickfire Pro sports Cherry MX Red switches which are still as tactile as the first day I used them.

For more information on the Quickfire Pro feel free to contact us, follow the link at the bottom, or head over to their website. As always, thanks for reading.