DXRacer.ca/ADK Gamers

Americans spend an average of two hours in front of a PC or Laptop. If you don’t have somewhere stable to plant yourself, you could suffer serious health problems down the road. Toady, Jacob is going to tell us about why he decided to splurge on a DXRacer.

Every time I think about the cost of my chair my wallet cries, but my back, bottom, and overall posture rejoices. I have the equivalent of a DXRacer OH/FH00/NW, which currently retails for $329.00 on DXRacer’s site. This chair is heavy and worth every penny. Coming in at around 50 lbs, it’s incredibly robust. My chair is fully adjustable and can recline into what I like to call nap mode. However, I haven’t had the chance to test that feature thoroughly.

I certainly make the above average look like a moment in time. Spending many hours a day at my desk — working, learning, or doing homework — all of it’s done with my bum planted in my office chair. With an average of over six hours spent in my chair, I can’t say enough about how the DXRacer has saved my posture and thus my overall health in the past years.

With a higher cost than most office chairs, the DXRacer isn’t for everyone. Those that find themselves sitting for long periods, the DXRacer will save your posture and will be worth the money day in and day out. 
If you’d like to learn more about DXRacer, feel free to contact us, follow the link at the bottom, or head over to their website. As always, thanks for reading.