Ruggard Outrigger

B&H Photo

Cameras are unique pieces of equipment that can be molded into very precise tools through many different accessories. With all the items needed to get the perfect picture or video, finding an adequate bag is a necessity for any photographer or videographer. Today, Brian is going to explain why he decided to entrust his equipment to the Ruggard Outrigger backpack.

Most accessories come at a steep price, and most of the items are fragile as well. From the moment I bought my camera and lenses, I knew I had to get a padded bag. At only $38 for a backpack big enough to store everything I needed, the Ruggard Outrigger does a fantastic job. There is plenty of padding for both me and my equipment which makes long walks a breeze. The pack also features two waist straps to make sure it stays tight to my lower back and a rain cover.

The backpack is just the right size for my equipment. Being able to hold several lenses in its pouches is perfect for me; however, this backpack may be over the top for some. The Outrigger is still a full sized bag taking up an entire carry-on space. For photographers who are just starting out, a shoulder bag could be a better option. I’ve walked miles and miles, I’ve rushed to get quick in the moment shots, and I’ve filmed at almost every hour of the day all out of this back pack, and I don’t plan on replacing it anytime soon.

If you’d like to learn more about Ruggard Outrigger, feel free to contact us, follow the link at the bottom, or head over to their website. As always, thanks for reading.

- Brian