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Courtesy: Adapt Learning Project

Mobile learning, by definition means a learning process by combination of information technology and teaching for communication via smartphones. It is also known as m-learning and is a revolution in e-learning. It provides technical assistance for learning on your smartphones or, tablets or, multimedia readers at your own convenience any time and anywhere, even when you are travelling or are outside your office. The idea of m-learning has augmented in past few year and has been found quite practical in today’s context. The learning could be in form of texts, images, videos or live streaming. There is estimated to be nearly 6 billion people who have access to internet on their mobile phones. Through this way a large number of populations could be reached out and also distributing smartphones and tablets to the people could be the part of programs undertaken by organizations.

The mobile learning is introduced in both educational sector as well as professional domain. Education is an important aspect in every country and they chalk out plans on how to reach the masses and educate them. With m-learning, it has become much easier and has helped in widening the circle of connectivity. Since everyone have smartphones and internet accessibility, people can have access to all online study materials, videos, sound and images and even have face-to-face interaction with the educator. Many universities and institutions are imparting courses through this method and they carry equal validity. Apart from education, professional sector is seen adopting similar techniques. There has been a considerable increase in apprenticeship by mobile learning particularly in private sector. The companies provide various programs for employees through this process, giving them opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills. It is found to be very practical, fast, efficient and economical apart from being instantaneous and ‘just-in-time’. This tool of distance learning is resourceful in a way that it can be used when away on business, while commuting or in waiting room. With e-learning they are increasing their prospects of earning a better salary by having a virtual platform for gaining knowledge. The smartphones and tablets have full technical support for reading, media and other similar apps.

E-learning or mobile learning helps in achieving goals of individuals and organizations alike. It is technology which is most accessible and flexible for training purposes, introducing new and innovative ways for learning, distance learning tool for people with limited reach, carries a- anywhere/any time learning concept, not restricted to a place and lastly, has full technical capabilities for devices such as smartphones, tablets or iPhones. Being still, a new and evolving technology, there could be some problems too. For some people it could be a motivating concept to study or increase their knowledge, but for some it may be a very informal way of study as compared to general taboo of learning. Also, a high speed of internet is necessary in order to keep up with the process but that is not the case at the moment. The internet connectivity is not equally distributed in areas, thus discouraging people.

Mobile learning is being adapted both for professional and educational domains, thanks to the ever progressing technology and new innovations. It is changing the way we are learning with advent of new 3D technology as well and leading to an economic development. In coming years, the internet shall provide a more comprehensive support and comfortable e-learning with the help of 4G internet technologies or even LTE.

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