A bull riding Chef, racing to catch a Pokémon. Here are our Editor’s Choices of the week.

We are all suffering from the latest Pokéfever here at Aptoide headquarters. Remember this blog post a couple of weeks ago? It has nothing to do with Pokémons except for the title, that references the theme song of one of our childhood favorites. <- Please keep on reading this article with the song playing in the background, for momentum sake.

It all started has an April Fool’s prank but quickly evolved into this great piece of art called Pokémon Go. The game actually requires you to… “Go” and walk around to find pokémons and collect them all [thumbs up for you if by now you are still hearing the theme song] so please be careful. 
 Another safety tip: don’t drive and pokéhunt. Well, you can, if you are driving in CSR Racing 2, other of our choices of the week. Engines roaring and astonishing new graphics make the perfect combination for all of you who love cars.

And after racing, what better way keep the adrenalin pumping than to enter a Rodeo? Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari is a fresh new approach to the style and one of the most addicting titles we have played in a long time. Hiiiii-ahh! (sorry, I get [very] enthusiastic).

One way to put a stop to this is to tone it down with some nice “incentives” from Gordon in Gordon Ramsay Dash, a career and management game, that will really test your skills as a restauranteur.

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