Puke 2 Earn

Puke 2 Earn is a collection of NFTs with a social element, featuring puking characters with the goal of becoming Blue chip NFTs on the Eth and Sui networks. Owners of these NFTs will be able to play games and earn money on the Sui chain. This unique game will allow NFT holders to play and earn money using a new social-based money flow mechanism.

The Puke 2 Earn NFT collection contains 10,000 unique NFTs with a few of them having rare traits.

The first mint will be on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum is the largest NFT market yet with the most significant trading volume among all existing blockchains.

Several Ethereum-based NFT marketplaces have had daily trading volumes in excess of $40 million. Holders of Ethereum NFTs will be able to claim the same NFTs on the Sui blockchain once Sui launches the mainnet. Sui is going to be one of the most technologically advanced blockchains in the entire crypto world, with a qualified team and strong investors. Sui blockchain uses breakthrough technologies that attract a new audience.

Therefore, the Puke 2 Earn NFTs minted on both Ethereum and Sui blockchain will open up new opportunities for the holders, give them enormous privileges of being able to work with the largest marketplace in cryptospace and with the most advanced blockchain.

Buying 1 NFT on Ethereum the holder gets 4 big opportunities:
Ethereum NFT
In-game NFT on Sui
Early access to Puke 2 Earn game on Sui

How to get a whitelist for the project

Everyone can participate in the giveaway events on the project’s Twitter page. However, the number is very small and the number of participants is very high, so the chances of winning are very low.

The most certain way to get a white list is to do tasks on Crew3. If you reach Lv7, you will be whitelisted and Lv10 will be OG.

Link: https://puke2earn.crew3.xyz/

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Website: https://puke2earn.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Puke2Earn
Email: ape@puke2earn.com



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