The Road Not Taken: Or Is It Really?

First of all, isn’t there a little good humour in here somewhere that although the series is for #RoadNotTaken, it is really all about the road taken? Even as a child, I remember, I argued with my good teacher that Mr. Frost was actually talking about the road he took and not about that which wasn’t taken by others; for my definition of ‘the road not taken’ is more than just a less trodden path.

Take the path I took, food blogging, for instance. The exponential growth of food blogs in the blogosphere today should make any newbie food blogger, like myself, dismiss the idea of being a part of this series. After all, food blogging doesn’t even remotely qualify for being the road not taken. It is being trodden by thousands, and I am being modest here, of people everyday. Then what makes me think I could be here? It is because even if I walk down this road along with so many others, it will be a different path for me.

Where I come from, cooking is considered a requirement rather than a passion, writing is considered a phase rather than a career and blogging is, well, they don’t know what blogging is. So when I started food blogging, a year back, I became something of a rebel. I was interrogated, I was mocked and I was bogged down with ignorant suggestions. However, patient answers, good humour and respectful listening kept me going. Now after a year, they have begun to understand what I do and my determination to do it. For me, I have a long way to go. Not all food bloggers may have the same story. For some it may have been a natural step, for others an obligation and for yet others a need. For every person that walks down a certain path, they change it for the next to walk upon it. In that, every time a path is trodden, it is made new.

Beginning with what motivates us to choose a certain path when at a crossroads, to the will to carry on moving forward on that path, to the stops we pull on the way, is what it’s all about. No one path is the same for everyone. The dust my feet touched, the leaves that the wind blew away before I could step on them, the puddles I jumped and the song I hummed along my way will make all the difference between you and I travelling on the same road. Who is to say then that you or I walked down a trodden path? Or that we did not take a road not taken.

Originally published at on November 22, 2014.

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