I turned 23 !

20s are the best time of our life. I’ve heard, read, seen countless people saying that. I also feel same as I turned 23 yesterday. Yes, 23 already !

I’ve taken few big decisions of my life. Which is going to change many things. Fortunately it has already begun.

Here’s to my remained 20s,
I started this blog called “My startup journey” on Quora about a year ago. Published only 2 posts then stopped. It was taking too much of my time and i also didn’t have much to share. But now I HAVE. Going to share what am I doing. Why am I doing. How am I doing. How I started. Many tricks and hacks that worked for me and didn’t work for me. I hope to help others, learn how self branding works and see how it affects me. This is big and daring move for me.

I have decided to be as real as possible while sharing. Even if it is something I am embarrassed about. or scared about. and have hidden from everyone. I am going to tell every thing that I think can be valuable for many.

I haven’t made it big. So can’t speak about it. What I can speak about is How not to fuck up ! Because I have made countless mistakes and it will be great if one of you learn and don’t repeat it. Hopefully that will reduce to failure rate in startups…and in life.

Another thing
After April, 2017. I’ll shift my workplace every 2 months. Expecting to live in different cities working, earning, exploring. Covering beautiful cities of NORTH, WEST, SOUTH and EAST India. Will share details at right time (If you want to join — work with us, free food and stay and also get paid😃 )

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Thanking Gary Vaynerchuk to make me restart my story sharing love.