You want should come first before your ideas

“Want” before “ideas”

How many times did you have million dollar idea? How many times you come up with this idea over eating pizza or drinking beer and you even went on to make a business model around it?

All of that and then nothing actually happens. Neither you or your friend ever even talk about it.

Ring a bell?

I think your “Want” should come before your “idea”. Like many Indian kids, I grew up watching typical shitty saas-bahu serials on TV with my family. Whenever there was some scenes/talks about business…I was always intrigued more.

Fortunately or unfortunately I don’t have business background. I am totally unfit in my family. Papa being doctor and mumma being teacher wanted me to follow their path. Doctor mainly. Wherein I ship to chose unknown road. It always feels like I can’t do anything else. If I do, I would better be dead.

My family tried too much. They wanted me to become doctor. But I never gave in. Then my relatives wanted me to take mechanical engineering. Because its a evergreen and scope hain uss branch me. Lekin interest naam ki bhi koi chij hoti hena :/ I dared them. Spend countless hours to make them understand and to let me follow my bliss.

During and after highschool I was heavily interested to explore different areas and connect it with technology.

This was in 2011. I was sincerely and damn slowly learning things. Not soon enough some distraction came while I was in 1st sem. With great distraction came too many backlogs. Failed in 4 out of 5 subjects. Failed first time in life. I was just a shame for my parents. All those events combined with my immaturity gave me a good long time of depression. Took me about 9–10 months to recover. That fucked up period taught me how to live alone and how to enjoy my own company first. Solitude can work wonders for you if you never lose hope.

I started writing after that phase. started from love poems to fictional short sci-fi stories. I ended up writing 35,000 words in half finished sci-fi mysterious thriller novel. That was a good time. I was also slowly catching up with programming.

But there was this big problem.
To be continued.