How important is it to receive tangible benefits?

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Do you ever do things just because you like doing them? I am not talking about the work you do that pays you. I am talking about things you specially take out time for and that pay you nothing. When you do that, do you ever have to face the questions that I do?

What do you get out of it?

You’re just wasting your time. Do something worthwhile, maybe?

Why do you do it when there is no acknowledgement?

I am a Computer Science engineering student and I take keen interest in leveraging entrepreneurship in my university. Ideally, going by the norms around me, I should not have been as extremely involved as I am with all the entrepreneurship and leadership activities in my university and should have been studying all sorts of programming books to get a high paying job in a multinational company, dream of every Indian student and every Indian parent ever.

I enjoy doing what I do. I absolutely love my role there and get nothing except a good network, many smiles and look of content on my team’s and students’ faces.

Should I stop doing it because it gives me nothing tangible?

Even if the logical answer had been yes, I would not stop doing it. I would have convinced myself with another philosophical statement:

“Some times you got to do some things even when they are not right”.

I want to use this platform to say that it’s not the most important thing to get paid for whatever you do if you absolutely love it.

Sometimes you do it just because you want to look back in life and feel good about yourself.

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