An inspiring roundtable with Tim Cook

18th May 2016 was an exhilarating day for me as I had the opportunity to meet with Apple CEO – Tim Cook, Apple COO – Jeff Williams and key members of the Apple Team at a roundtable. It was a privilege like no other. I am humbled that Tim Cook took some quality time out from his busy schedule in Mumbai to spend over an hour with me representing Cynapse along with the founders of Urban Clap, Sweet Couch and Avaz.

We pour tremendous amount of love into our products and our design philosophies strongly align with Apple’s. It was encouraging to see Tim Cook genuinely excited and curious about Numerics and the unique use of Apple technology in our app. He was quite impressed with the vision, design and the data security model of Numerics.

Here’s what he shared in a tweet after the meeting:

It has been an honor and one of the greatest validations of our work and vision.

We spent more than another hour talking to the App Store team about what we think the future App Store needs to do to help independent developers like us who are making rich, deep apps that strongly leverage Apple technology.

In all the excitement, I took a selfie with a really goofy expression with him as well!

I also had the chance to personally thank Tim Cook and all of Apple for being a guiding force and proving to us that great design is worth striving for, and that it leads to success no matter how hard the road.

Here are some snippets from the intimate meeting with Tim Cook:

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