Fear of Known

Sometimes i feel, i’ll be left alone, completely stranded in this big world. The big world compromises of a billion, no zillion people but i still seem to not fit in. Am I trying too hard to fit in? or am I not trying at all?

When i often look around, i feel somewhere everyone is drowning in their sorrows, a bully is drowned into a sea of his tears by the bashing he got from his beautiful mother last night. The victim seems to be running towards home with the decision to never come back for more. The boss seems to be churned by the responsibility of handling his assigned workforce. The employee is being stabbed in his back every now and then. Is the great death being prolonged?

When is this butterfly wheel coming to an end? when our we finally going to get rid of those strings and unleash the rebel in us. The rebel who shall conquer the world with what he aspires to achieve.

Am I still trying to fit in , or am i not trying at all ?