Funny how humans sometimes think expressing oneself is a form of weakness. Emoting maketh a bond stronger.

It’s in our nature to feel wanted. If life’s ultimate purpose is to be happy, why do we run away from ourself and what we love? FEAR. OF. DOUBT. Being accepted differently

We try moving on, leaving past etched scars only to be re-ignited again. Flames of love blaze amidst an EGO which consumes into ashes swayed away, seeking to be rekindled through another soulful touch.

Aiming to discover an inner finding, lost in another instagram story; heart’s desire to travel and breathe ALIVE!

Glad to have bumped into this little radiant treasure, through an excuse I’d hunt again.

She said I inspired her. In reality she was the constant source where I’d once drew motivation from.
Express to Impress was my funda.

For the first time I felt love from an uncommon graze, strongly resembling that gratifying feeling when a dog is pet a certain way. THAT look brings back a silly smile across my face till date.

Maybe we matured out of a relationship, following our conscious instinct; deciding not to turn back the succulent viens of a withered leaf. Or maybe we learnt to HIDE the goosebumps better?

Reminiscing moments in a flashback, from catching fireflies together to parting ways 2 bikes apart; somewhere in between we grew - emotionally!

“You are never serious in life Puri” stating thereafter she never gave herself a chance to get fixed the broken shades of glass. But it was my fault.

She set herself free and I couldn’t be any merrier!

What is life but an Expression of phases, a greener coined side.

Of lungs screaming wanting another back to relentlessly pressing backspace at thoughtful typed text; Oh what is it to feel love again? I must express

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