Should employees promote their companies on their personal social media networks?

One thing we need to consider while answering this question is if the employee views his/her job as the biggest part of his/her life. A lot of us work just to make a living, and the work that we do has little relation to our personal opinion and ambition. So, if your company makes products that you don’t admire yourself, it is pointless to bombard the Facebook pages of your family and friends with posts promoting your company.

Now let us consider the people passionate about their jobs- entrepreneurs, non-profits,scientists and others regularly post about the milestones their organisation has achieved on Facebook and Twitter. This is good for the company as well as the people who view the posts, as the company gets better visibility and people get an insiders view of a product or a technology. To cite a personal example, when our team at Reliance Infrastructure completed the commercial operation and distribution(making power available to the grid) at a major power project, most employees shared pictures and updated status messages celebrating our achievement. The shares of Rinfra shot up by 3%, a day before the COD was officially declared to the press.

I think employees promoting their company online is a great idea, when it is managed by someone who personally endorses the products, not by someone who doesn’t appreciate what the company is trying to achieve. Any such campaign is a long term commitment and I believe that responsibilities regarding online promotion should not forced upon someone. Several industries such as magazines, newspapers and review sites have made incredible profits by properly implementing this idea. It will be a great step for any enterprise to learn from such industries and expand its horizons on social media campaigning.

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