Photo by Kindadarwish

In December 2014, I accidentally tore my contact lenses (evening — Downtown Seattle) and had to stay without them (and without glasses) for a few hours. The photo above depicts exactly how I see without my glasses.

Bokeh filter blurs — lights in a haze
Movements, streets, cars, ablaze. One blur converging with another
Blue, green, red, yellow… all set for the holidays
Time, stay a while… stop. Let me breathe.
Lights, flashing by. Stirring
No sight, just rapid motion
Silhouettes without faces. Billboards with no messages. Shops with no signs
All a deceptive stage. Costumed for the festivities
Nameless figures, bags in hand, walking past the shine
In search for happiness but not finding it. In search for kindness and not seeing it
In search of finding their souls
Lost in a crowd of lights and illusions. Delusions of our time
Why can’t we stop and breathe? Look around us and see what we really are
Why can’t we let go of our masks? Be who we are from the inside
Why do we strive for futile promises of happiness? Understand that it can’t be bought
It has to come from within and without 
Why can’t we all just stop, open our eyes, and see

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