1 Day Out: All That Hard Work for Just 1 Minute?

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Why are you doing this? Why are you torturing yourself? Why are you starving yourself?

One day into the competition, I’m a bit worried. This is my first time stepping on stage. I don’t know what to expect. I don’t know how I would perform up there. I’m entering a completely new territory here

For the last week, I have been dropping my calories even lower. I’ve also been reducing water intake. And it’s a sacrifice we have to make to reach our goals. And I’m enjoying it, believe it or not! To see the progress I’ve made in the last 10 weeks or so. Even further down the road, in the past two years or so!

We all have our doubts and so do I.

What am I doing? Am I even gonna place top ten at least? Am I gonna walk home with a medal? Or am I gonna walk on stage, do a little pose, walk back and never get a call back?

That 15 seconds you’re on stage equates 20 minutes of cardio every single day. And an hour of weightlifting five to six times a week. All that for 10–12 weeks. Every single day. Every single weight training session. Every single food is accounted for. Every drop of water you swallow. All that hard work for 15 seconds. Or 1 to 2 minutes top.

I said I’m gonna do the show. So I’m gonna do the show. I’m gonna bring the best possible condition that I can. If I place or if I don’t, I’m gonna be better than I ever was.

Even when I lose, I’m winning. And that’s the message to take home.

And the fact is, I’m already at my best in my entire life. Although I believe I can still push it harder to bring even better physique!

Just believe this: If you’re in the best shape of your life, then you already win. The only competition is yourself.

If you’re better than you were last year, then you win.

If you’re better than you were yesterday, then you win.

Don’t give up.

Note: I will be competing in the New Beginning division at this Sunday’s Men of Steel body contest. This is my first time stepping on stage as a physique competitor. Follow me on my fitness journey on Instagram.com/qbfit

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