Thanks You To The A&Q Community For Participating In Ask Me Anything ( AMA ) With Qrkita On October 12th, 2021. This Guest Star Agustinus Santoso ( CEO of Qrkita )

First Segments : Introduction

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Can you introduce yourself to our community?

My name is Agustinus Santoso, CEO of Qrkita, and I enjoy IT and cryptocurrency world and finding ways to help them have an uplifting experience since 2012. We start qrkita in june 2021, then expand to Qrkita Exchange to bring more customer in our platform. We have had a variety of product to Boost our community. Please learn all about us in

Second segment: question from host

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Could you explain a little about Qrkita and what Is make it different From another Project?

We Are First Online Qris Platform In Indonesia. Qrkita Provides The Latest Technology For Online And Offline Merchant To Boost Their Sales.

Qrkita Is Intended To facilitate Non-Cash Transactions, Encourage Financial Inclusion, Promote MSMEs, So That In The End It Can Encourage Economic Growth.

All Merchant Can Make Transactions Using QR Not Only Wholesalers But Also Small Traders Such As Meatball Sellers, Vegetable Sellers And Others Throughout Indonesia.

And Finally, Our Initial Token Offering / ITO Crowfunding Platform Based On Existing Project As A Bridge Between Fiat And Crypto Community All Around The World.

What make Qrkita different is, we have 5 ecosystem is ready to support our holder since presale Start

  • Questions 2 :

Could you please provide some info about your Roadmap and how Qrkita is progressing so far?

Road maps QRT

Phase 1
Team Creation
Project Conception
Smart Contract
Project development

Phase 2
Seed and Private Sale
Public Sale On Cex And Dex
QRT Audit

Phase 3
Start Merchant And Partnership Reward
Start Farming, Staking And Pool Reward
Apply Launchpad
Apply Coingecko
Apply CMC
Apply Top Local Exchange
Apply Other Exchange

Phase 4
Merchant Expansion
Global Partnerships
ITO Initial Token Offering Base On Real Existing Project
Nft Mining

We are still in presale stage but we make sure the roadmap is 90% ready in phase 4 which our holders will be able to enjoy directly after presale end

  • Questions 3 :

What is the Usecase of Qrt? can you provide details?

Qrt ecosystem

1.Merchant (running)
Qrt will be a reward for each Transaction from our Merchant .

Qrt as a main token, user who want to list their bep20 token will purchase some QRT

3. Dex
4. Pool
Qrt farm and Pools like other platforms

Buy hero with QRT
Level up your hero with Qrt
Mining pool for your hero, get Qrt
Sell your hero in any nft market after that

Please check and determine QRT value from all feature above, you can buy now in our presale platform

  • Questions 4 :

What are the present and future goals of Qrkita?

QRT As A Bridge Between Fiat And Crypto Community All Around The World.

Thats our goal

  • Questions 5 :

How do you keep the ecosystem going in your project? and what are your plans for future innovations?

Here are some reasons why you should join us

1.Our main project already running, no fear of failed project by the owner

2. Qr Booster in = Every Transaction from this product will buyback QRT from the market to help stabilisation of QRT price

3. QRT Nft Gaming Platform
Buy hero, upgrade hero, mining with your hero, sell nft hero

4. Global partnership done with p2bb2b + more partnership coming soon.

5. Our Global Channel already 23k subscriber @qrkitaexchange

In the future, we will expand our ecosystem base on requests from our community

Third segment: questions from Twitter

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Qrkita Provides The Latest Technology For Online And Offline Merchant. I am interested in creating an offline market or stores, how can I use the QRT token to generate passive income through your offline stores and what percentage of profit does Qrkita receive from these stores?

Yes you can signup to Become our Merchant, our team will guide you to complete all the detail

Every Transaction from your customer, they can get Qrt reward , then merchant can choose between keep QRT for him or give it to their customer

our platform will get 3% from each Transaction in

  • Questions 2 :


You will launch the Qrkita Mobile app version in Q4 2021. And with that Qrkita will integrate Twitter & Tiktok content into the ecosystem. So how will the Mobile App be useful to enhance the growth of NFT creation across social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok?

Mobile App is a must for faster QRT adoption, if many user use the app, then our potensial customer will grow automaticaly, they can join our Nft Gaming Platform for the start, then share their hero in all social media link

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From :

Staking is one of the most attractive way that exist through the DeFi system where users generate passive income. With that, can you tell us more about Qrikta staking program and various ways through which users can participate in your staking program?

We have 2 staking platform

1. Reguler staking via our web

2. Nft hero mining pool (must try, we invest a lot here) 🚀
Please check all link above, done

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From :

"Qrkita" is the first Qris online platform that will bridge between the merchant and the crypto community. So does we need to have a KYC to be able to become Merchant in Qrkita platform?

Yes correct, you need KYC to Become our Merchant, for this Early stage, we accept local merchant from Indonesia

  • Questions 5 :


How is the burning system in the Qrkita project, and is there a tax for every transaction? Has the Qrkita project been audited?

Our smart contract will burn 1% automaticaly per transactions
For the tax, our smart contract use tax adaption method, its mean it can adopted depend on Supply and demand from our market
Audit done from our partner
Enebula from global
Policetech from local

Fourth Segments : Live Question AMA

  • Questions 1 :

From @ASyahteguh

Apa keuntungan yang kami dapatkan saat bergabung dengan Qrkita?

Untuk holder awal, akan banyak sekali keuntungan yg diperoleh yaitu
1. Harga awal Termurah 3 rupiah untuk saat ini terakhir tanggal 15 oktober, setelah itu kami akan Publish sale 10 rupiah di beberapa CEX dan Dex

2. Ada program staking dengan APR 300% untuk holder awal, ditambah lagi NFT Gaming Platform dg APR yang lebih dahsyat

3. Untuk holder Diatas 50jt, ada grup vip dari kami, fitur update, memberikan masukan langsung ke team dev, prioritas support, dll

  • Questions 2 :

From @angelicanovira

too many projects promise high returns in the short term after investors invest into their projects but the truth is not found, can you tell us, how can you say that your project really guarantees profit for investors holding your tokens, have you done audits?

Here are some reasons why you should trust us .

1.Our project already running, no fear of failed project by the owner, over 2500 Transaction in 14 Days

2. Qr Booster = Every Transaction from this product will buyback QRT from the market to help stabilisation of QRT price

3. QRT Nft Gaming Platform
Buy hero, upgrade hero, mining with your hero, sell nft hero

4. partnership done with p2bb2b + more partnership coming soon.

5. Global Community already 23k subscriber

  • Questions 3 :

From @soarspace

Pertama, selamat buat Qrkita yang sudah menambah daftar project lokal yang sukses dan membanggakan tentunya.

Saran kalau boleh, strategi pemasaran melalui grup diskusi telegram diperbanyak, tidak perlu selalu pakai reward, tapi dilakukan rutin dan dikemas menarik. Apapun itu.

Kemudian, satu pertanyaan saja, akankah dibangun kerjasama strategis dengan raksasa raksasa blockchain? Polygon, Binance, Polkadot atau Heco misalnya? Selain cross chain maksudnya, apakah itu DApps Qrkita masuk di platform mereka atau bentuk konkrit langsung lainnya.

Terimakasih atas jawabannya

Trimakasih masukan nya pak, akan kami tampung untuk pengembangan selanjutnya, untuk langkah besar yang akan kami tempuh adalah listing di Exchange top 3 dunia dan sedang kami proses kesana

  • Questions 4 :

From @xpecnars

Is this an exchange platform? if so, how is Qris applied to Qrkita, how is it related to blockchain too?

We will have unique Cex that support bep20 ecosystem

Please check here, user can listing their own bep20 token to our Cex with QRT payment as main token in our CeX

  • Questions 5 :

From @curiosoAMA

✅ You say that Qrkita will serve as a bridge between the trading community and the crypto community, what is your plan to educate and raise awareness among traders of all statuses about the use of cryptocurrencies and the utility that Qrkita can provide them? is our Merchant platform to help our society to understand more about crypto, many merchant will join this Platform, then merchant will help to educate their customer with the Benefit of Qrt