Eidhi Shb…Humanitarianism, My religion.

The book reading was actully to get attached yourself with the life of Eidhi. Oh no.. not actully to the life of Eidhi, its the life of people who homeless, povert, uneduacted and dependent.

He is person who taught us from his action what the religious said and what we should. He is person, who the right image of Iqbal’s Verse

“Dard-E-Dil K Wasty Paida Kiya Insaan Ko

Warna Ataa’at K Liay Kam Na They, Kar-O-Bayaan”

The parent of that person make him the Eyes of Ours Eyes by just saying that be patient and just sacrifice and Then this person who had Sozy Dil for the poors become famous even in the eyes of robbers.

The life of Eidhi is saying us JUST Start and from his quotes his action, I tear up all my laziness, friendship environment and others personal issues.

You have no time to layout what you have to do. Time and Life have no any belive. These are just passing away like the arrow from bow.


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