Just Start Project: Goal to Write Review Paper

Review Paper on the topic of Chlorinated Pesticide in Pakistan

My just start project was writing a review paper. This review article is written on the topic of Chlorinated Pesticide in Pakistan. The primary purpose and the goal to write this article is to achieve the scholarship in the foreign country. The country that I think has most relevant research in agriculture is Australia. The 2 or 3 review paper are required to achieve this goal. Due to this, I selected this goal. Furthermore, I also have been expired from the education system of Pakistan, and I found no any new knowledge, innovation, discoveries in the institute here. To achieve this objective, I faced many challenges likes no proper guide about how to write up, selection of appropriate English word for scientific writing, the problem in time management, too much laziness because of my friendship environment, my activities toward my goal. Behind these challenges, I have not cared about my diet, and the laziness, weakness became the part of my life. I considered I born just to spend yourself like that.

ScreenShot of Review Article

The experience in completing the task is very grateful. I don’t believe; I achieved its half just because of the motivation that I get from the fellowship. I divided the work according to the time and freeness that I had and then just started. This just start was acted as a booster to achieve in the limited time that I arranged for it because of other business. To complete the task, I faced the same challenges that I encountered in the past, but this time, I had the motivation extra from the Amal Academy which made it possible to achieve it as possible as I can. The just assignment taught me more than previous which is “ you have just to start, all the forces of nature will support you to achieve it, and Great Allah will help you.” After achieving this task, I have the generous spirit for the next task which is the IELTS and my speaking problem. I will make it possible just like just start project.

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