First Open Source Contribution

Project Name : Virtual Math Teams (VMT)

Virtual Math Teams (VMT) provides a collaboration infrastructure for visual math and geometry tools, such as Geogebra and Desmos. To provide this infrastructure, this version uses React.js and Redux.js, express and

I have currently been working with the project as my open source contribution since last week. Since this was my first contribution it took me a while to set up everything and get used to with the whole process.

Issue Worked on ? mathematicalthinking/vmt

This is all about the use of css module “ compose” instead of joining arrays. Since the Project application has been using a combination of MongoDb, Express,, React.js, Redux, Node.js. It pulled my intrest as i have been looking forward in contributing int web applications that use React and Node.js.

This issue has some complications i which it the clients css would just get destroyed if deployed using compose funtionality. Due to that i made couple changes to test on the project and sent up a pull request with a comment to see what the core contributers would reply back so as i could finish up with the whole issue.

During my workflow i have been using Visual Studio code and their project uses Cypress for end to end testing. Im hoping to keep on working on this project for next week and also shall be looking into more projects and issues to work on.