Html and java Open source projects

Today im going to talk about two open source projects that i just contributed on and it made me feel more comfortable with the pushing changes and updates to the master.

For the HTML project i worked on a project that seems to be new and a startup. its more about mystery-egg which lets you generate and find a meening for the abbreviation ME.

For this Project i worked on the issue to create a footer

I succefully created a footer as per their requirements and it was a pretty easy issue to work with yet it helpmed me practice my html and css skills.

Later on i submited a pull request with no confilcts.

Also later in the day i worked on an Android development project which i have been looking to contribute on for a while since java and xml pull my intrests.

mages To PDF

This is an android mobile application that converts images to pdf.

This application has many other features such as :

  • Create PDF from multiple images from camera or gallery
  • View your converted PDFs
  • Open, Rename, Delete, print, share files
  • Sort the files order based on a number of options
  • View File details (Path, size, date created …)
  • Encrypt PDF
  • Decrypt PDF
  • Rotate Pages
  • Different themes
  • Merge existing PDFs
  • Split existing PDFs
  • Convert text file to PDFs
  • Compress existing PDF
  • Remove pages from a PDF
  • Rearrange pages of a PDF
  • Extract images from PDF
  • History : View all the PDF related conversions

On this project i worked on Add `Add Watermark` option to navigation bar.

The project took a while to set up locally but then after it did i had to test and run their app to visually understand what they are doing anf what they want me to do.

The issue was more about to add watermark navigation on the navigation bar as its already on the main menu. Where by the activities for the add watermark class had been set up already. All i did was create a fragment that call the class and allows user to get into that activity once he/she clicks add Watermark from the navigation bar.

The Fixed the issue rant it locally on my emulator tested it before sending a pull request. After everything worked fine i sent a pull request and it succesfully got merged.

During my workflow i have been using android studio code and their project uses gradlew testing. Im hoping to keep on working on more complex projects next week and shall keep uploading post regarding my contribution.

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