Java script calculator

During my search towards issues on github. I found an open source project that helps you not just to fix bugs yet build small modules from scarch with an assigned task. Whereby it does enhance your buliding skills and makes you feel more confirmtable working with certain languages.

In my situation the issue i worked on was create a calculator.

The issue was more about to create a caluculator that inputs two numbers and could be able to get a result of multiplication or division when the buttons are clicked.

The reason i choose to work on this issue is that i could be able to practice more on my javascript skills as it has been a while that i worked with javascript and it really helped me get back my synax and and code structure on point. PR for referencr

During my workflow i have been using Visual Studio code as personally i feel its pretty good. For testing my modules i used mozilla firefox script runner to make sure my html and javascript validates through out.