Release 0.4

Its been a while, i just completed all my exams and finally done with semester and now its time to dive in back to contribution of projects. Due to time i have been struggling working on larger projects and issues but im gonna be doing that this summer since now I'm well exposed to repositories and have a greate idea on different projects.

Today il just give quick review on my recent issue that i worked on. The projects The Teacher Fund. Its an intresting charity to support teachers in a way that encourages great teachers to stay, and potentially great teachers to choose teaching as a career path. This includes providing supplemental funds and supplies to school teachers in need.

There Web application is using React and Next.js. I helped them add a post login page that the issue was related about. Since there registration is email based they were looking forward having a shot message to the user after registration and login. There was good disscusion on board yet i realised they were implementing one page for registration and dint have anything created for login. Therefore i decided to implement that and it was quite easy to set up and help them add that implemetation. I would really recoment this project to people and the code is well styled and uses standard jscript style. It doesnt just checks your implention but also makes sure that the code has no weird spaces or extra lines oterwise it would not pass the lint tester. This is really good as it makes you more profficient on your javascript skills.