Mega Project at AMAL ACADEMY:

Education is power

We decide to serve the field of education in our mega project at Aamal Academy. As we know that Pakistan literacy rate is approximately 51% in some areas due to poverty people sent their children to work directly without providing them a chance to get education.

We decided to do something in this area. We cannot root out poverty and child labour but we should take initiative to do something because even if one person get education by our effort we consider it a great job. We have to observe the children around us who want to get educated but due to lack of resources unable to do that. Our task is to convince the child and then their parents to allow their child to get education. Besides this we have to contact with NGOs who is working to increase the literacy rate of Pakistan and searching for such children. So, we go through the criterion for the selection of the children by NGOs and after when both parties are agreed we connect both of them.

Child labour is a curse

By doing this we think that we can serve society and produce impact on society.

Steps to Accomplish:

1. In upcoming week (Aqib Javaid, Ijaz Zeland, Ali Ahmed, Aqsa Arif and Mehreen) we must go through NGOs who are working on child labour online as well as use our resources to contact them and observe their policy.

2. In week after that we observe the fellows who want get education but external factors are hurdles for them and make them convince to get educated as well.

3. Then after that we build connection between both parties.

Time plan to Accomplish:

Here is our group time plan

Time plan

In-Shah-Allah we will do our best to serve society.