Amal Fellowship: Outdoor Session

What a memory it was I will never ever forget this session and specially my fellows who made that a beautiful memory. Starting from UMT MC-3 room and last station was Fri-Chicks Fortress.

Amal Family

Nashta Old Lahore

Desi Lassi

Shahi Qila:

Awais Jaldi Pic lo

BadShahi Mosque:

Timer on hai

All of the fellows were active in the whole session there are some memories that make cheer or respectful when I think about that days. This is not judgement this is just some observations that I remember.

Awais: Awesome Guide, Leader, pose master, Photographer

Hassam : Art lover photographer

Khadija: Selfie Queen(aye hain to 2000 pics to honi chahiye)

Zeeshan: Wonderful Commentator(entrance documentary in Shahi qila)

Zakriya: Will come no matters what happens

Omair: Well Planner on spot (Nashta wow)

Irfan: Cowboy Hat fan (Yr ye hat garmi mai bahut kaam aye ga)

Sabeen: Enjoyed every moment(as it should be enjoyed)

Arooj: She was enjoying a lot with Khadija (Awais: where is Arooj? Ans: She will be with Khadija. Awais: where are they both? Ans: They are with each other)

Isma: Snatched gift from shoaib Saying (Sadda Haq Aethy Rakh)

Zaid: Professional Photographer with complete tool kit(a person offered 100 for one pic)

Umair and adnan : Biker boys (Super fast bike Riders)

Saqib: Committed to join gathering (College dress)

Salman: Ready to go anywhere for picnic with friends(Delayed Saudi ticket )

Abida: Drama Queen(night before session: I can’t come with full drama but in outdoor session I am willing to go anywhere no problem)

At the end, Thanks to all of you fellows and those who can’t came for some reason please join next time. Otherwise,

Prison for life time

or punishment to look tilted world for a day.

Punishment(gymnastic by Irfan)
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