Career Tips

Goal 1:

I have learned about 9 tips to manage and maximise my career from Sohail saab HR professional. Then, I went to one of my teachers to discuss 3 tips from those because he is Phd and other than that he has professional experience in his field at packages company that is similar to my field. His name is Dr. Zahid Anwar.

Tip 4: Put your time in: Everyone starts out doing grunt work till trust is proven

Feedback: Agreed. As we are new in the field so it is possible to a grunt of work and you might be thinking this is irrelevant with your field but you have to remain focus on that and ask why this is so again and again so that you might learn from this experience and continue your working to improve yourself in each prospective.

Tip 7: Find a mentor and manage the relationship strategically

Feedback: Agreed. As you are new in organisation first you will look about the organization about what it actually working about then you will find out your field of interest in company. After that you have the step to choose your mentor in required field and ask for help may be just 10 minutes in a month as he is available for you.

Tip 9: Embrace change and reflect on what you are learning daily

Feedback:Agreed. It really helps us to keep a check that either we are on a right track or not. Unfortunately, It helped me when I asked about the outcome and I realized that this is not what I want to be so, I went for Phd and continued my research work and now, I am further working on it.

Goal 2:

Now, after this conversation I made a slight change to be frank and asked about his personal life a few important questions to him.

  1. What is your life of purpose?

Answer: Research studies and Research work that I am currently working on.

2. What is the pain (sacrifice) that you are willing to sustain to reach your goals?

I gave sacrifice of 7 years outside pakistan and away from my to reach near to my goal and this is not easy as it sounds because when I was in this situation I realized how difficult it is.

  1. What are you passionate (or burdened) by?

I am passionate about what I am currently working on that is Research.

At the end, I said to my teacher that Thank you a lot for your precious time and help. It was really my pleasure to have a nice talk with you.