Mission: Social Empowerment

We aim just not to do some philanthropic activities but to enable people to improve their lives using their own skills and strengths. To generate seed money, we’re planning to organize football and badminton matches. For this, we have a plan of conducting an event of football matches for boys and badminton matches for girls at University of Management and Technology or University of Engineering and Technology Lahore. Hopefully, 15 football and 10 badminton teams will participate in the charity event.

Social Empowerment

Profit generated will be used to help some needy person to establish a small scale business like fruit cart or Rehri Stall.

We really want to work for empowerment of distant rural artisans especially the women. Hand embroidered dresses by rural women, handmade khusas and earthen pottery pieces will be displayed at stalls on our event. Profit generated will directly go to the artisans thus enabling them to market their skills and earn profit out of it. We can’t claim much but this would be our heartiest effort to uplift our underprivileged people.

Timeline For Empowerment Mission
Work Distribution

So, I request you to join hands with us and pray for us that we will success in this event.