How to select the best Web Host for my Blog

So, have you been recently struggling with your web host? Nothing new. Most of bloggers do and the main reason is that you didn’t do enough research before going for a web hosting company.

You web host probably sucks and you are facing lots of downtime. Definitely, this is not safe for your website and for your business. Losing traffic is a huge deal and loss of every single visitor matters. It really matters a lot.

So it’s time to switch your web host. But the question is: What do I need to look for while selecting a web host?

Let’s find out qualities of a Best Hosting Provider

Customer Support

This is something that gets overlooked by most of the bloggers out there, but this needs your attention. Whenever your site is in problem, you would need someone who would listen to you and come up with a solution. It is no one but your customer support of your hosting provider. So make sure you select the hosting provider that has best customer support.

I’ve found SiteGround’s customer support very helpful as I contacted them many times during the past few months and they were very friendly and solved my problems. Here is an honest SiteGround hosting review for you to find out why I love their hosting services.

Server Speed

Select servers that are blazing fast and load your site quick. Don’t compromise on site load speed just to save few pennies.

Up-Time Guarantee

Some companies guarantee 99% uptime and you are happy with it. But hey, do you what that means? 1% of downtime means 42 minutes of down in a calendar year. And those 42 minutes could be the one when your site is getting the most traffic. So always select a hosting provider that has lowest downtime.

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