Informational Interview…..

I personally like to go into teaching profession. So, I decided to take informational interview from a teacher. That was my sister Miss Anam. She is a Govt. teacher. I didn’t do this telephonically but by confrontation.

Q: I asked her about her recent designation ?

Ans: She was working as a senior elementary school educator.

Q: What are the condition of our national educational environment?

Ans: Its going to be better day by day. Highly qualified and motivated young staff is hired. Special attention is giving to this sector by ministries.

Q: What kind of difficulties usually teachers are facing in this sector?

Ans: High STR(Student to teacher ratio), Comparatively low salaries than other provincial & federal departments, Some institutional policies, Minor lobbies in institutions etc.

Q: Is their a massive margin of learning to get and polish advanced knowledge?

Ans: No, still not. Because Govt. is hardly fulfilling the requirements of students but I am hopeful,conditions wil be well after sometime.

Q:Thankyou to give me such a use ful knowledge.

Ans. You welcome.

From this Interview, I got it that although ,now a days our educational sector is suffering some problems but govt. is willing and trying to improve it.In future, this department can become a competitive one and one can go into this to polish his professional teaching skills .

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