Completion of Journey with Unforgettable Memories.. Tour to Walled City with Amal Family
Last Group Picture at Amal Campus but Energy on the Top

It was our last in person session on September 10, Saturday as usual happy learning with fellows and sharing stickies with fellows that what we learned from each other. Almost all fellows share with me which was in their heart, especially about my voice. It was pride moment for me. I enjoyed fellow company, laughing on jokes, sharing place research with fellows and their selfies as well. I shared my ride with beloved friend Faisal Rasool and we shared our life experiences so that we can learn more about each other.

We went first at “Phajja Siri Paye” to take lunch where Ma’am Sarah also join us. Mostly fellows wanted to eat siri paye but some ask for “Chane” as well. We enjoyed lunch with selfies and masti.

After Pait Pooja we reached Badshahi Mosque.

At Badshahi Mosque

It was first experience in life to visit any place with tour guide and as well doing research about some places. Our tour guide told us many new things like voice travelling from one corner to another in Badshai Mosque and Shahi Hamam.

Left side Azeem and Faisal with Tour Guide and Right Side Me with my Fellows

After spending some time we leaved Badshahi Mosque and went to Lahore Fort, where we also see Sheesh Mehal. I learned about the mentality of Mughals who made these places like Sheesh Mehal was. It was really inspiring for me that Shah Jahan’s Love for his wife that he made a place according to her dream.

Amal T-shirts showing #justStart
Left with Sir Adnan and Right showing Sheesh Mehal Stars
Crazy Moments

At Sheesh Mehal it was great time, a lot of selfies, fun and masti. Gohar(Rapper) our fellow shared with us his good voice at that place.

Afterwards we together went Shahi Hamam, watch some videos there and learned the purpose of that place.

At Shahi Hamam

At that time most of fellows leaved us but rest of fellows went with us at Wazir Khan Mosque.

At Wazir Khan Mosque

At that time we all was feeling so tired, girls decided to go home and we just Faisal, Sheraz, Ahmad, Zaryab, Daniyal, Me and Sir Adnan go for Dinner. Enjoy dinner with “Tawa Piece”.

I realized afterwards this trip also a part of our course that purpose is to teach us work life balance. I strongly believe on maintaining work life balance, there must be week days for full of work and weekends for joy so that we can increase our productivity for work.

I apply in my life by visiting relatives on weekends, my friends, get together etc.

We leave gradually to each other with the hope that we stay connected with each other in future. I never forget these moments of my life, i gonna miss Amal Family. I will try that i will remember all in my prayers.

Amal Family
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