“Stop Gear” | BBC waves goodbye to Jezza forever

Fracas’in ‘ell

The British public have been on tenterhooks waiting for the beeb to make a decision regarding its most controversial presenter since well, ever. At 14:00pm today, we got our answer whether we liked it or not.

It’s fairly certain to say the relationship between Clarkson and the broadcaster has been rocky. Since 2003, Clarkson has ensured that groups from every surface on earth were offended and it was left to the BBC to pick up the pieces. As much as it might sound like Jezza being an insufferable oaf and the BBC being a guardian of sort. We can’t fail to recognise the genius of a man who was able to turn a motoring show into a global sensation. Granted, it didn’t happen overnight but the controversies were very much part of the appeal (much to the dismay of the Lorry Drivers, Gays, Argentinians, Muslims, Asians (South Koreans, Indians, Chinese etc) and everyone else.

It seems Britain and the world were divided into two camps, pro-Clarkson and the other.

It’s been a pretty tumultuous week for news with Afzal Amin exposed for plotting his own machiavellian scheme with the EDL and Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros ironically criticising the Rolling Stones magazine as “ just looking for stories, and if they don’t get them then they’ll just make it up.”

It seems the Jeremy Clarkson fracas story is one which could go down in history but it seems his appearance on the BBC won’t be short-lived. The producer of Have I Got News For You has stated that Clarkson will be appearing on the show at the beginning of April. It could possibly be in contravention of the BBC’s guidelines but it remains to be seen.

The rumour mill has been on over-drive with audiences speculating Clarkson’s return to our screens. Some say he might return to ITV which wouldn’t be so bad as he would join the likes of Jonathan Ross. Ross who was ousted in 2008 following the sachsgate scandal with comedian Russell Brand found solace with ITV. Others speculate Clarkson’s return to Netflix a more likely destination given it’s surge in popularity in recent times.

The motto has always been on Top Gear, leave every man behind (no matter what). However, James May has spoken out and stated that he will not be returning to Top Gear. It’s good to see the camaraderie between the hosts and i’m pretty sure Richard Hammond will follow suit.

Critics have drawn upon the shows dry sense of humour and laddishness which is not what the BBC should stand for. Whether you love them or hate them it seems the Top Gear cast are inseparable and here to stay.

The BBC might’ve waved farewell but they’ll be back on your TV / Radio/ Mobile / iPad or whatever else very soon.

And on that bombshell, I have to end.


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