Redesigning Wesleyan’s nightly shuttle service, The Ride
Mika Reyes

Mika! This is great! One experience I have with The Ride is their inconsistency in getting the students to where they want to go. I had Olin shift from 12–2AM last semester, and I almost always rode with a Ride driver who was willing to pick me up in front of Olin and drop me off in front of my house. But then there would be drivers who wouldn’t want to go to AAA house because “it is not in their route.” Okay. That poses a big problem. I believe that one of the main reasons we have Ride is for safety reason. If the Ride would only go to their predetermined route, a.k.a mostly inner circle of the campus, they negate the safety reason they are supposed to be, since the students who live in the outer circle of the campus is the one who would most likely be using the Ride to get them back home safely (High Street at night scares the crap out of me and cutting through Butts can be a challenge with the snow piling up to my knees).

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