10 Content Marketing Trends in 2017 [Quick Tip]

I just wanted to deliver importance of content marketing in the upcoming years and recent research reports of 2017 released by LinkedIn Marketing solutions.

  1. 59% of Marketers will spend their contents for becoming thought leader in the industry.
  2. 41% of Marketers will spend it for Brand Loyalty.
  3. 57% of contents will be made for Lead Generation.
  4. 52% of contents will be used for Traffic Acquisition.
  5. Digital products purchase by India will increase from 43.8% to 71% in 2017 as per recent surveys.
  6. Only 13% of people prepare research and reports in the industry.
  7. 23% of marketers do videos and webinars.
  8. 36% of marketers depend on taking testimonials and case studies.
  9. 40% of businesses have Images and infographics.
  10. 57% of marketers highly depend on writing Blog posts, sending Email Newsletters and Social Media Engagements.

Hope, This post will help you to understand what areas to focus in the current year accordingly.

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