Roadmap and team behind the project

Minion ICO(MII):

What is the future of Minion ICO?

After the successful selling of token will be done then the next phase of the token will be its listing on the exchanges and the roadmap will be followed as per given by the competent team.

Roadmap for the Minion

2018 Q1

The main aim is to building a framework for the market research and development of the coin when the ICO phase is finished and the coin will be in the situation to hit on the exchanges.

2018 Q3

Complete the minion coin model based of ERC20 platform. Development and team shall be expanded.

2018 Q4

Main focus of this phase is to develop the communication channels, as the communication and social media platform is the best for the promotion of the products in the modern world by catching maximum crowd .

2019 Q1

Main focus will be developing the Ethereum based API and network launching token sale via ICO will be done. Launching of the block chain authentication service, block chain data integration service, mainnet schedule segmentation, application of mini-game launch.

2019 Q2

Beta wallet will be launched in the 2nd quarter of the 2019.whitepaper v2 will be announced and wallet functional disclosure will be done.

2019 Q3

Mainnet progress will be done in this phase and the launch of the psychological RPG game will come out and also roadmap will also be updated with the passage of time and new developments.


Airdrop is live and it has almost two percent of the total supply of the coins. Here u can earn 200,000 MII coins

Total supply of coins

· The total supply of the coins is 100,000,000,000 MII coins.

Circulating supply

· The circulating supply of the coin is 90,000,000,000 MII coins.

Structure of working

Partners of the project

· BitIns

· Free university

· News BTC

· Crypto Valley

· Bitcoin association Slovenia

· Bitcoinist

Team behind the project

· Abdul Aziz (CEO)

· Mark David ( CFO and co-founder)

· Amer Al Djber (BDM)

· Michael Carlen (CTO)

· Rudi Lim (technical developer)

· Olivia may (Marketer)

Here is the link of the website of ICO