The real estate investment system is ready for an upgrade.

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Real estate investing is about to get a lot easier.

Real estate is a fantastic investment for any investor, as one can expect long term price appreciation and monthly dividends. American real estate has performed very well over the last decade in America, with average annualized property appreciation at about 7%. 2018 cap rates (ratio of Net Operating Income to asset value) were also stable, at around 5.25%. While these are high returns, they can often actually be challenging to obtain — there is a lot behind the surface of real estate investment.

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A typical real estate investment scenario is one in which the investor lives near their acquired property and can manage it as well. Say, for instance, an investor knows a good investment neighborhood and finds a suitable property to buy. If they choose to get a mortgage for the investment property, then financing must be determined and repaid monthly. Other responsibilities include ensuring tenants pay monthly rent, dealing with various property damage/maintenance, as well as upkeep on any financial obligations for the property, such as financing or taxes. …


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