AQRE Partners with NASCAR and More to Come!

At long last, the much-anticipated blockchain real estate investment app, AQRE brought to you by Chelle Corp., is soft launching this October 1st.

AQRE allows smartphone users anywhere in the world to invest in high cap North American real estate, all enhanced by the power of the blockchain. Users can invest with security, speed, and efficiency, all while creating a diverse investment portfolio with numerous options.

To celebrate this momentous launch, AQRE has begun a new campaign in partnering with other-like minded industry leaders and innovators. And their first partnership is a huge one, already causing headlines!

In a ground-breaking move for the real estate space, AQRE has sponsored Rick Ware Racing with their very own custom NASCAR race car! Similarly to AQRE’s role in the real estate investment movement, Rick Ware Racing is a significant and always evolving brand within the NASCAR scene.

While this partnership doesn’t seem a likely one at first, in truth AQRE and Rick Ware Racing truly embody the same virtues and attitude. Both companies strive for excellence in their field, quality assurance of their brand, and place a substantial value on their passionate community. Thus far. Rick Ware Racing has served as a beacon of inspiration for AQRE. They represent an essential part of the NASCAR experience and so too does AQRE strive to be the biggest name in real estate investment.

Chelle Corp. CEO, AQRE creator, and renowned real estate expert, Ronice Harrison, has already talked about her excitement for the partnership. “Our team has been working hard to deliver a revolutionary app in real estate investing, and we’re very excited to collaborate with a world-renowned icon like NASCAR,” she states in a recent press release. “I want to thank everyone involved in making this happen, to my team here in Mississauga to everyone at NASCAR who helped us achieve this partnership. NASCAR has inspired us in our endeavors, and we strive to embody their spirit and success.”

The AQRE car has already been tearing up the racetrack in several exciting races all over the country and will continue to make its namesake proud in the future. You can see more info about the AQRE car and Rick Ware Racing at their website here.

This sponsorship, however, is only one of many exciting partnerships Chelle Corp. intends to make going forward with AQRE. Already, Chelle Corp. is in the initial processes of seeking more like-minded individuals and groups to partner. With Rick Ware Racing serving as a prime example of the kind of company it wishes to embody, Chelle Corp. is seeking similar entities to collaborate. Chelle Corp. is looking for partners with a passion for innovation in their fields, strong ties to their community, and fresh and daring attitudes.

If you or anyone you know fits these criteria and wishes to engage in a partnership with AQRE, you can reach the team at with your proposal.

We’ll have more exciting news on more partnerships going forward. Stay tuned for more info in the coming months as AQRE is officially rolled out and begins expanding its horizons into the future!

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