Older Marriage Rates Are Bringing Higher Multifamily Returns for AQRE Investors

New research from CBRE has revealed some surprising info; marriage rates in the U.S. have significantly risen over the years, in turn increasing the demand for multifamily properties. Since 1960, the average age for first marriages has grown an incredible seven years for U.S. men and women — with an increase of two years in the last decade alone. Today, the average age stands at 29.8 years for men and 27.8 for men, a number that continues to increase steadily.

Consequently, rising marriage ages brings with it a delay in homeownership, as CBRE reports. Marriage has historically heavily correlated with homebuying, with married couples making up 66% of homebuyers across all age groups according to the 2018 Home Buyers and Sellers General Trends Report published by the National Association of Realtors. However, that rising marriage age also means young adults are opting to live in multifamily properties for longer.

While delayed marriages indeed correspond to rising multifamily demands and postponed homebuying, the importance of marriage for homeownership is also decreasing. In fact, marriage rates are falling in general as well; with 72% of all adults over 18 are being married in 1960 compared to just 50% in 2019. That doesn’t mean homeownership has similarly decreased; however, with non-married couples, single-persons, and single-parents buying more homes than previous generations.
The increased rates of non-married young adults purchasing homes have kept the average homeowner rate from decreasing too steadily, though it may not ever come close to its previous highest point. However, that only means the increase in multifamily rental demand will continue into the foreseeable future.

What does all this mean for AQRE? There is an ongoing debate on which properties are worth investing in more, single-family or multi-family. And though AQRE is utilizing both for its catalog of investment options, the majority are multifamily, and for a good reason. Single-family homes are much riskier investments with fewer tenants, while multi-family always has the stability of multiple tenants. More tenants also mean more income on a regular basis.

That’s good news for AQRE investors, as the majority of Chelle Corp’s acquired properties are of the multifamily variety. This means guaranteed long-lasting, high returns for Chelle Coin holders. Moreover, AQRE is offering exclusive, premium multifamily real estate investments you won’t find anywhere else. AQRE is taking advantage of market trends and passing these lucrative gains onto its investors, so join the AQRE community today and reap your rewards now.

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