A National Hero

Abdul Sattar Edhi

Edhi sahab was a person with some exceptional qualities. As I read so far in his biography-the example which made me realize that Edhi sahab used the Amals principle of progress was when he was flying off to Ghotki. There was a havoc collision between two massive machines and the number of causalities was also great. He was going there along with his supportive team in order to provide first aid to the people there and help them as much as they could in every aspect. On his way off to Ghotki he got the news that his grandson-Bilal passed away. He was so attached with him and he had brought him up like his own kid along with his wife Bilquees. Bilal suffered a major accident when he got himself burnt. He was terribly suffering and this was a heart rendering thing for Edhi sahab. He could have gone back and excused but he didn’t do any such thing. It showed his determination and firmness which made him stand by his decision and serve mankind. It was basically because he had vowed to serve humanity. He gave priority to the mankind over his family or personal issues. He could have left everything very smoothly but he continued his Amal being pre-occupied with this a huge blow in the dark. One could have lost his senses while facing such a trouble but he knew that his Amal was worth doing. Hundreds of people at that time were suffering the same and he realized their pain and agony they had been going through-he felt every inch of it-he missed his grandson at that moment and realized every bit of that pain which was stabbing his heart as he made his way through the blood, dead bodies and the pleads of so many people around trying to find their beloved ones. So this was actually the major example of AMAL which I came across and I personally loved it because he was that one person who gave priority to the mankind instead of his family and setting up such an example is worth doing.
 My startup project was basically about serving people in public. Serving people in a way in which my identity wasn’t revealed. I wanted to work in people and for people being selfless and those people didn’t include the so called elite class but some people who are living actually below the poverty line. Who don’t have basic necessities of their life-not even food to eat .It was all about to experience being in people with bigger hearts but lesser materialistic stuff. The challenges which I faced earlier included the society pressure firstly and then getting permission from my family and even sparing some time wasn’t really easy because I am a IB teacher and I really had to make an effort to spare time. I was even scared of the questions I would face like if people saw me working there on a roadside just serving people the food and clearing the dishes. It was the greatest fear I had because we are living in a society where we all need to keep our heads high and maintain a very positive reputation. And so I somehow overcame these all in a single strike.
 I had an amazing experience working with an organization just for one hour and thirty minutes. The organization served people in a way by providing them with food like twice day-a basic necessity as we all know. I had an amazing time working with them because the entire staff accepted me without any hesitation. They all were very cooperative and worth working with. I don’t think so that anyone could find peace in cliché sort of places like restaurants or spas like in a away I found peace there. I basically served the females who were there for food. Happiness lurked over their lips while I serve them the plates and the food and they talked to me as I smiled. Their smile which they gave me in return was so powerful and blessed that it actually encouraged me to continue working. I faced many challenges like people staring me for no reason and those questioning eyes which I had always been afraid of. Those questions like “Oh my god! Look at her! Who is she?” All my fears were gone with the wind somewhere far where they could no longer be dominant. My next steps include like sparing time in the same way and donating a little part of my income for a better cause-a better country. I will try working with people without revealing my identity because it will be purely for peoples cause and I shall try my level best to play my role in this society to make it a better place for all of us to live.