Knowing yourself:

Reaching out to friends

“The most difficult thing in life is to know yourself” Thales

As famous lines of Greek philosopher “Thales” clarify that the most difficult thing in life is to know yourself. I think this is because our nature varies from time to time in a way that sometimes on a specific place we feel relaxation and calmness but very next time our views became totally different. But the basic thing is how a person know about their capabilities, weakness, power etc.

As we spent time with our friends, colleagues, classmates and siblings so they know us better. I approached my near person who knew me well to know my strengths. So reaching out to those who know me was my first step. i sent mail to my Five close person in my life. Out of five two were my siblings my crime partners, one my college best friend and two were my school colleagues. I was amazed to read out their replies because few of the events which they mentioned and highlighted my strengths, I didn’t remember.

As i shared a screenshot of few mails which my friends sent.It clearly defined my strengths.

Start with siblings, almost both wrote me in a very similar tone. Both share different stories but it clearly defined that I’m good in handling uncertain situations. Like i can face issues and tackle them in a very composed manner. One of my best friend defined my numbers of strengths that is I’m confident person and others get inspiration. I’m responsible person and emotional intelligent. My colleagues where I’m currently working as HRT, they wrote I’m creative, supportive along with keen observer.

I was really surprised to read such responses. and also thanks them in helping me to know myself.

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