Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action (William James)

As in this proverb explain happiness bring in life through action . this thing also explain the Edhi sahib how to bring happiness in our life . Edhi sahib is the best example of serving the humanity .this principle of success also adopted the Edhi sahib is that amal . he started the work who he want without any fear. when he started the work than things going to difficult but they start which he had wish in his childhood and start of doing the hard work. and capable of giving the service of humanity. this principal is very helpful also for me.because i don't want to do any difficult work in my life because of fear of failure but when i started to do work and apply this principle in my life than i am capable of doing different things in my life . i wanted to bear my educational expenses . but i thought how to manage the job with my study but i managed just because i start the work and doing hard work .so the things getting in smooth.if we start the work or amal than we can do anything .but we take the first step with great heart no matter how we start this specific journey but we take step and start which we want. like i had not enough confidence to speak in front of anyone therefore i faced many difficulties in my university while giving presentation in front of my class fellows and teachers but i started to present the assignment after some time i feel i can do this its not too much difficult therefore you just start no matter how to start but step is that am here in amal academy to enhance my confidence