Interesting challenge

“The most memorable in life will be the friends who loved you weren,t very lovable”

In this activity we talk our friends ,relatives and family members and give time to others and show we inserted in you and your problems than i get the result is that “be interested in other being interesting in”i learnt if we give importance to other and adopt this terminology than we get more friends in our life on the other side they also give importance to us and accept us as a friend in her/his life

I learnt many thing from this activity when i show interest for her/him. In return they show more interest in me and try to become my friend and spend more time with me and share with me all things about themselves life they tell me about his opportunities ,strength ,resources ,weakness ,problem etc and in return they shows more interest in me and in my problems,weakness, opportunities etc.Try to solve my problem with me and show more love and affection for me and give importance to me in her/his life and try to become a part in our life . In this world its very easy to make a friends because if we only show the interest in him/her. they are ready to make our friend.

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