Striving to be best
Abdul Sattar Edhi always used the principle of Amal in his life which is also used by Amal’s Academy. As for example when he met the wounded man his little deeds of kindness saved the life of the man. He did not wait for any one’s help instead he just start and brought some things from his mother to help the man. In return he was introduced by the true concept of humanitarianism. I was greatly impressed by his move that he even did not care of his friends to help that man as he did not go out to play with his friends and helped the man selflessly. I can relate it to myself that when i wanted to change my life i just started by filling the form of amal academy and did not wait in a way that lets see where the life goes on.
My goal is to have full command on my major subject and for this purpose i want to improve some concepts related to it as i am not pretty good at some of them. I always afraid to do that but now i thought that to be extraordinary in my career i had to overcome these deficiencies because life does not give second chance. If i did not avail this period of time (did not just start) i could do nothing in my life. Nobody cares for my failure so i have to take this charge myself. I left behind in some activities due to lack of knowledge in those topics so i think that i should not sit idle as if there are no ups and downs (movement) there would be no life. So this gave me confidence.
To achieve my goal i had to went through a lot of challenges. One of them is time management and many other external pressures. I have learnt a lot through this experience as i have gone through different topics which were almost unfamiliar to me. I will implement this knowledge in my professional life.
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