Five Randoms Acts of Kindness

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless” — Mother Teresa

It doesn’t take much from you to say “Thank you” but it can make someone’s whole day. You know, by being polite, by being positive, we can make the environment around us much more positive and the good thing is, it has long after effects. Even such little and random acts of kindness can take place in someone’s heart forever. I remember one day, on my way to home from University, I found a very old woman who was going to somewhere with her suitcase, very heavy indeed. I just helped her in carrying that suitcase and dropped to her home, By the way I didn’t tell my mother about it ;)

Now, the question is why I need to do something like that? Was I doing that for a reward or something from her? Definitely not. I didn’t know her. I didn’t even see her again. But the point is have you felt something good, something satisfied inside yourself that at least you’ve taken a step to make this world a better place because I believe if you want to bring a positive change in society, first start it with yourself, with your family. For example I may help my mother at home, make her tea when she is tired. I love cats, sometimes I offer them something to eat like meat or milk. I keep candies in my bag and love to share them with small kids. I always try to offer some help or guidance,Whenever my juniors ask me. And the truth is, people may forget you but they will never forget your act of kindness for them.