5 Random Acts of Kindness:

Yesterday, when i woke up early in morning (which is not usual), i saw, someone was making breakfast for me, someone was arranging my clothes to wear, it was my mom. That day i realized that how did she always take care of me. That day, i decided that i must help my mother. Now today I wake up early in the morning and ready breakfast for me and for my parents. I also press my clothes and clean my room before i leave for university. My mother is very pleased with that act of mine. I think its a great dead of kindness

I teach students of secondary class at my home. Once a student, with his mom, having tears in their eyes. They belong to very poor family. His mother told me that they cannot afford tuition fee for their child. The student was convinced for tuition as for his better studies. I was listening them and was thinking that why there is very diversity in classes in this society. I was really dis hard that day. Today morning, i call that student’s mother and told them that i’ll teach her child for free. At that time, the sprinkling eyes of his mother, giving the pray for blessing to me. This act of kindness is really a great source of pleasure for me.

The purpose of telling these kindnesses is not to do showing myself rather these types of things can also be applied in your professional life in certain ways. When we are working in a team, we are just like friends. And not only friends but everyone need our kindness. Because sometimes a work is difficult for someone but the same work is easy for us so in this situation we can also help others. I will try to be a helping personality not only in my personal life but also in my professional life.At the end I can say that “No act of kindness is ever wasted.”