In Person Drop:

We are in 21st century where everyone wants shortcuts.Shortcut in each and everything like we want that we just press a button and everything suddenly happen according to our desires. Here short cut mean that we probably prefer that we all send our resumes and cover letters through online.I also sometimes prefer but I think that if we personally give our resume to HR then we feel more satisfaction as compare to online.

Yesterday, i went to Punjab college to drop my resume and cover letter (because Punjab College is my second choice)I was fully prepare doing research about that organization so that If something asked from me then I easily gave answer and in front of mirror revise many times my elevator pitch and do keep calm exercise because I don’t want that I confuse there.There was a principal’s room and along with his room there is his secretary’s room.I waited for Principal because I want to gave my resume and cover letter to him. After doing wait I asked from his secretary about him then she Informed me that “Ma’am today sir is not coming” at that time I feel very bad because I do a lot wait and at the end he didn’t come.then I do calm myself and I gave my resume and cover letter to her. She asked from me that where I want to do work(teaching staff or Non teaching staff) i told her that I want to work in non-teaching staff and then she wrote something on my resume. Now I am still waiting of her reply.Hope so that soon

At the end I want to say something that all the applicants must check the availability of the HR head before visiting any organization because when you personally visit to show passion towards a company and couldn’t find a relevant person this thing dis-hared you but meet some other person I think that would also show your passion but not to the extent that would make in the first situation.

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