Sharing the 6 tips with your classmate

As we all know that “Knowledge increases by sharing but not by saving”

I share these 6 tips with my cousin who wants to join Amal and very passionate about it. I call him and then he came. When he arrived, after greetings, I told him that I want to share something with you and he was very curious to know. When he came to know that I was going to share 6 career guidelines with him ,he became very excited.

Firstly, he was confused about internship(mean he done his internship in banking sector or in company) then after carefully listening all these 6 tips he was much more satisfied that he has done his internship in company because he wants to do specialization in marketing sector and he also really appreciated these tips. However, the expression from him is positive and he also agreed upon the tips.

At the end, he was very happy and very much thankful to me and also Amal Academy for this act. And I am also very happy because I shared my knowledge with my cousin and he really appreciated me.