Lighting the lamp of fulfilment , empathy and gratitude within!!

Let us be thankful for the next breath that we take, let us be grateful for another day that we live, let us appreciate the little joys and experiences life has to offer.

For every time we express our gratitude to the universe, It showers more and more things that we can be grateful for.

In our day to day lives, let’s find some time for reminiscing all the blessings that the universe has bestowed upon us and be genuinely thankful for it. For all the trials that life has made us to face let’s be grateful for making us a stronger, better and improved version of oneself.

Diwali – or the Festival of Lights in my opinion symbolises not only the triumph of good over evil as we have all read in the mythology but it is also has a strong essence of multitude of emotions and values that seem to be fading away in today’s world. Let’s have a look at it

  1. Cleanliness – almost all would agree that Diwali time is considered to be an opportunity to clean up the house, surroundings and clear the clutter. While we aim at making the external aspects clean why not focus more on making our inner self spic and span. Clear all the mess in our hearts and minds of the past and light our inner lamp with the flame of love and belongingness for all. The first place that ought to be clean is not our house or surroundings but it’s our mind and body because that’s where our soul resides – the true address
  2. Making sweets – oh how can you not make sweets and savour them during Diwali. Sweets have an innate capability of delivering instant joy to you. The smell, the look and the taste of your favourite dessert makes your heart elate…. Similarly why not make our tongue and our words a Diwali sweet by which we can offer happiness and joy to everyone whom we interact with. The flavour and the sweetness ought to be genuine and non adulterated to give the same contentment of you relishing your favourite sweet.
  3. Meet & Greet – Diwali time is a time to make merry, meet friends and relatives and share your joy. Why to make this an annual ritual. Let’s be closer to each other. With all of us being a part of the greater universe as a whole, we are all one and related. Greet anyone you see with a smile, lend a hand to anyone who needs it, make time for someone who is lonely. The best gift that anyone can give is the gift of one’s Time!
  4. Spirituality- Prayers and Pujas are a regular part of the day during Diwali. The tranquility that one experiences with a spiritual bend is so refreshing. Let’s be in touch with our spiritual self and reignite the positivity for a great life.
  5. Last but not the least, Making it special – it’s during Diwali that we want to make everyone feel special and also feel special. Giving gifts, spending time together, making delicacies, shopping, adorning oneself, etc are simple examples of this. Is it that everyone wants to feel special only during this time? You don’t need to do all of the above every single day but doing some of these or one of these each day would make the day really special…. Try it!

Every festival brings an opportunity to come closer and celebrate life. So let’s make gold out of this opportunity and make each day of our life a celebration – a festival of your being!