The perfectly imperfect loved....

As Leah stood by the waiting area at the airport waiting to see her grand uncle Paul to come through the airway... When he finally did she was so excited to see him tall, handsome ,light skin guy with the two side of his hair had a patch of grey while the rest of it was jet black . As she her mom rushed towards him he greeted the mom with a hug and a kiss on her forehead.. He turned and hug Leah tightly, her entire body shiver while a little tickling rush through her vain then he said little Lee Lee , you haven’t grow one bit he then let go off her, she held her hand over her face feeling flattered, then she responded of course I have, just a little though he started laughing and so did her mom.. She looked up into his eyes It was like she was standing alone on the edge of the world... On a windswept ocean beach there was nothing but the soft roar of the weave.. Leah’s mom said let go 
He then held her hand and they both walk over to the car while her Mom was before them.. He putted his bags in the back of the car and they both sat on the back seat while her mom was in the front with her other grand uncle Winston which would be Paul older bother he then greeted him with a hand shake, it’s been a while bro Winston... On there way back home for the whole time he had his arm around her with his finger rest above her butt as she crossed her legs his hand did not move, Leah rested her head against his chest she could hear the pending of his heart beat it’s like she felt the connection she was able to get a sense of his soul. As they got to Winston house where Paul will be staying, he unpacked his stuff called Leah from the living room he handed her two lovely bags and said I got you those. She smiled and give him a hug and said thanks uncle Paul , He then gave her a wink with a silly smile on his face but she had no idea what that means but she kept smiling and turn away she felt so attach to him like there was a big connection between them when he hug her she could love taking a whole of my body its like she had no control even though she knew it was wrong. So Leah and her mom left when they got home It was dark already so she decided to had a shower then got in bed.. She couldn’t stop thinking about him however she said to herself I know he has a bit of feelings for me base on how he reacts towards me, the way he talks to me the way in which he looks at most of all the way he touches me. So the other morning Leah told my mom she wanted to go look for him, she had no problem so she gave her some cash and told her to be careful, So Leah left out when she got there he just got out of the shower and he was home alone, cause Winston had already left out for work. She sat in the living room watch TV while he was in his room getting dress she wondered what he looks like without his shirt. He finally came out 
Hey little miss!! And greeted her with a hug, how are you?? She responded am okay so we both sat down watching TV for hours. Then uncle asked, are you hungry?? Leah responded, yeah I am Paul went into the kitchen and looked after something to eat ..When they are through eating she starting talking about school and stuff he was telling her about the type of job he does and how stressful it could be. They started watching another movie love on ice it was an really nice move he was there looking at her surprisingly he got up and kissed her, she could feel that kiss from the strain of hair on her head to the tip of her toe , she got wet instantly, she wanted him so badly even though she know she wasn’t ready to be engage in any type of sexual activity especially with her own blood, she then pulled herself away from him, He said am sorry , its okay she said.. . Couple hours after she was ready he decided to walk her home even though it was quite a journey but both of them did not mine, as they walk and held each others hand they talk and laugh, it all seems romantic when they were almost at her gate he pulled her towards him with a force and kiss her and slowly rub his hand from her hair right down to her butt it felt so great she could barely stand on her own feet, He then turned her around back way I could feel his hardness through his pans he started kissing me on my neck and slowly push his hand under my dress and into me underwear I was so wet, he slowly pushed his finger inside it felt like I was in heaven my nipples were are hard it’s like I could feel him deep within my soul With tears of joy she pulled out his hand and kissed him and said let’s go someone can be watching us they walked up the road and open the gate he came in and was talking to Leah’s mom for about five minutes then he left... Later that night when I actually taught about I It found it really disgusting I started crying, I cried myself to sleep 
So later the other day Leah went there to tell him they couldn’t go anymore further cause it’s wrong as she knocked on his room door and he opened it he pulled her inside and kissed her, she wanted to tell him to stop but she couldn’t help it cause she loved him so he puts her on the bed and removed her clothes piece by piece while he caress her body she knew at the very moment this was it i no longer will be classified as that innocent little girl any more once I took this risk.. Which she did , he made love to her it horrible but incredible at once as they through she went to the bathroom to pee it burns as hell, she notice she was bleeding she started Panicking so she got dress and left right a way.. He called so many times but she didn’t pick up he showed up she didn’t open the door so he left the other day.. He messaged her the following day I got home safe, that’s good Leah responded .. Then she finally told him, listen what we did was wrong and disgusting ,he tries to explain that he is sorry and he wasn’t strong enough to resit me. However Leah didn’t seems care what he had say so she went a head and block and deleted his number... But after day she was depressed she stopped eating and crying and smoking she lost so much pound in days, she started having suicidal thoughts going through her head, started off with out cutting herself .. She felt so worthless and low like she had damage her reputation and she had no self esteem just guilty and disgusting.. Leah just wanted to die... Then she thought to herself she have one person she can count on she has always been here for her through good and bad times, her high school guidance counselor Mrs Ross she’s the best.. So she went to see her and I told her what was going on she advised her as always she hug and whipped her tears and eventually she didn’t feel that bad .. Then she actually look into it were all human, at some pointed time in our life we’re going to make mistake we just got to be mindful and try not to out ourselves in the position to make whatever happened once happened again...

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