Are the AI / bio-tech / super human brain, robot, sophisticated Algorithms, perfect-replacement of the ancient God? 
Will the future machine-doctor replace the human doctor in our life time? Will the robotic teacher replace school professors? How about the driverless automobile / aircrafts can transport commodities to clients? How about the machine can be able to read he minds in advance, and computer brain be able make decision much faster that human brain to act on certain things? Haman civilization potentially will significantly experience such advancement in a few (2–4) decades. 
People may experience the environment of the ‘Heaven’ and ‘Hell’ on this planet without waiting too long and before their death. 
This century may encounter more the human-made-crisis than a natural crisis. Haman can / may also be able to control any potential environmental disaster significantly that might hit areas like Bangladesh, India, or the North / South Pole Antarctica etc…
This century may find huge population out of traditional job markets especially BD / India’s unskilled garment workers / Agri-workers / warehouse / service worker. Role of national economy, national currency, and business professionals will drastically be diminishing / changing. 
With the practise of the globalisation, the current IT evolution/ innovation may gradually push out the ideas of nationalism, national government, local democracy, theocracy, secularism, inter/national borders etc from the traditional old system. 
Questions are: are the old religions still valid / relevant today (2017)? Are the ancient God still guiders / controllers of the universe? May be…, yes, at certain level; may NOT. 
Many super-natural / fictional stories will be abandoned from the social thought by the factual and logical stories of Algorithm and bio-chemistry. People will openly declare their rejection to the many thousands years’ ghost and angel stories. New prophets / Gods/Goddess may write the history / religion of today and of tomorrow instead of the ancient winner war-lords.

The chemistry in love in two/more partners will significantly be changed. 
Women may achieve greater control over the vital aspects of socio-political life and the planet; and may even gradually re-establish a ‘matriarchal society’ to certain extend in out earth. 
Lots of household works such as cooking, gardening, cleaning, shopping, bills payment, disease diagnosing & medicines supply, farming works, manufacturing, communication with the nature & animals/birds /plants, opening/closing things, giving / taking certain thing to somebody at certain places human would accomplished with programmed robots in the near future. 
Traditional family structure, marriage system, giving birth / raising of kids process, ethics/practice of multi-branch/generational blood relation in families etc will significantly be changed according to the pace of evolution of AI / supper brain etc. 
Human longevity on the earth will be tremendously increased.

Today national freedom is not; rather the social and personal freedom is most needed and popular demand.
Plus, women/children movements, gender rights LGBT, animal rights, ecological rights, freedom of thought expression, refugee settlement, asset distribution on equality, free education to all, stop junk foods supply, stop contaminated medicine supply, GMO, stop food wasting, stop human murdering for fake faith etc are the main feature of the 21st century. 
Faith based-story of national currency, great leaders will evaporate. People will no long carry currency in their pocket in future transaction. Traditional brick-and-mortar stores of daily commodities, health-education-entertainment products etc may gradually be disappeared. 
Ancient stories that mass people believed in for hundreds of thousands years will be changed practically. Stories and histories will be written by professionals, scientist, and technologists, of their work experiences about/on the mankind — no more by the Ghost magicians, victorious war lords, cunning priests, brutal kings, military dictators and slave-writers- to rule / dominate the human civilization. They will look into the matters of Today and Tomorrow — NOT the dark PAST.